I wrote Lady Jenniviere’s Quill to introduce kids to different kinds of stories. I thought that was enough, until I spent a year on the road during my book tour. Gratefully, thousands of parents trusted me enough to share how concerned they were for their children’s education. Their kids weren’t reading books with substance: books that made them think, books that inspired discussion and books that fostered a love of reading.

I learned there’s a hole in the education system right now. I realized there was a need for a completely new model of reading. A new program where parents take control of their children’s literacy. A plan for hands on parents who want to discuss literature with their kids, who want to see their kids reading books with fascinating morals and riveting messages and most importantly, who want a plan where they watch their kids discover and develop a love of reading that lasts forever.

Public education no longer teaches critical thinking. That is absolutely unacceptable. Students are only asked questions where the answers can easily be found in the text. Gone are abstract questions, emotional questions and questions that provoke genuine thought. This modern way of teaching has devastating consequences. We have to do something to get our kids reading, thinking, writing and actively participating in their educations again.

Lady Jenniviere’s Quill is written to get kids (and even parents) thinking. Each book has thoughtful issues that are stimulating and fun to consider from a moral, a psychological and/or a philosophical point of view. The beauty of this series is that young readers can enjoy the story and comprehend important issues no matter their age or developmental level. A six-year-old will understand the overarching moral while an eight-year-old will pick up on less obvious nuances.  Further still, a twelve-year-old will appreciate the ethical challenges and grasp the weighty issues involved in subplots and character.


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