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AMY from Columbus OH asked: Why do you write?

LADY JENNIVIERE ANSWERED: I love telling stories and have always used them as an escape. As a young girl, I had scoliosis (a curvature of the spine), often I could not play outside. I would entertain myself with imaginary characters, magical worlds and exciting sagas. Now I share the stories with you.

TED from Hawaii asked: Where are you from?

LADY JENNIVIERE ANSWERED: I grew up in Columbus Ohio until the age of ten. Then we moved to the eastern corner of Kansas and Oklahoma. At sixteen, I moved to East Texas and have lived there since.

ZOIE from Dallas TX asked: I am doing a class book report. Part of the assignment is to tell about the author. What should I include?

LADY JENNIVIERE ANSWERED: I'm the author of the Lady Jenniviere's Quill series. I live in Texas with my husband, two Shih tzus Zoe and Mazi, Jordan the Great Pyrenees and Story Bird the parrot. I started writing when I was thirteen. In my spare time I like reading, painting, traveling and spending time hanging out with my mom. 

JILL from Newport RI asked: What is your favorite thing to do?

LADY JENNIVIERE ANSWERED: Go on vacations with my husband, our dogs and the parrot. I always find great new stories while traveling.  

MAX from NYC asked: Where did you graduated from?

LADY JENNIVIERE ANSWERED: I graduated college at The University of Texas at Tyler.  

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  1. Discussion question for Tales of Spook

    1. Where does the story take place?
    The story took place in Westerville, Ohio.

    2. Who are the main characters?
    Noel, Spook, and Stacy are the main Characters.

    3. Who is Noel ? What is his favorite activity?
    Noel is the 9 year old boy who will turn 10. His favorite activity is sitting in his tree fort and watching the neighborhood.

    4. Who was your favorite character? Why?
    My favorite is Noel because he has a very nice personality and is brave to face the monster.

    5. What was the major theme of the book?
    American thriller

    6. What was the moral of the book?
    I think he moral of this book is that, you can’t trust anyone fully. And there’s consequence with the action you choose.

    7. What do you think would have happened to Stacey if she had remained loyal to Noel?
    If Stacy had remained loyal to Noel, they both would be safe from Spook. And they would have remain as best friend forever.

    8. What do you think would have happened if Noel had remained loyal to Stacey?
    If Noel had remained loyal to Stacy, they might still be friends, and Stacy could help Noel by telling his parents what really has happened.

    9. Do you think the ending was fair? Explain why or why not.
    I think the ending is fair, because Stacy sold her best friend out to save herself. And Noel is just doing what she did to him.

    10. Spook worked hard to become a human, did he deserve to stay a monster? Why or Why not?
    I think he deserve to stay as a monster. I think he is very selfish, and the attitude he have after becoming a human sucks.

    11. Was Spook a monster? Who was the real monster?
    Spook is a monster because he will sacrifices another person to get what he wants. But I think Stacy is also the monster, because she did the same think Spook did. She sacrifices Noel to save herself.

    12. What makes someone a monster?
    I think a monster is someone that will hurt others for something they want.

    13. What could Noel have done to prevent Spook from succeding?
    He could have stay home watching Movies with his parent all night, so Spook have no way to get to him. Or have Stacy stay with him all night until morning instead of sending her to go get his stuff. And he could have scream when he was alone with Spook in the bathroom.

    14. If Noel had spent more time trying to prevail against Spook rather than playing, would it have changed the outcome?
    I think so, because he would have though up of more ways preventing Spook getting to him and is less tired.

    What type bird gave Lady Jenniviere a feather to write the story?
    book cover
    Answer: shoebill stork

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